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Amanda Flynn Foundation - giving life to others is her legacy

Imagine a young, beautiful girl who was talented, smart and endearing, with the world at her feet. This was Amanda Flynn.

However, beyond her skin of beauty, hid an insidious mental illness that consumed her and ultimately took her away from the world. Amanda committed suicide at 27 years of age, after suffering years of anxiety.

Today, her family has set up her namesake charity, the Amanda Flynn Foundation. The foundation has been establish to provide funding grants, to assist charitable organisations who embark on helping the ever-growing number of young people in Australia who are affected by anxiety and other mental health conditions.

It's these sensitive young Australians, who range from little children in their early years, to 25 year old young adults, who need our understanding, need our help and need our care before it's too late.

The Amanda Flynn Foundation's AFF Grant Program will make a positive difference to young lives Work with us to make a difference - find out more at